Welcome to my website. Photography first captured my interest when I picked up my mom’s old Kodak Brownie camera as a child. The possibility of creating beautiful images fascinated me. It percolated for many years until recently, when I had time to pursue my hobby. Many people inspired me, including my dad who bought me my first camera, as well as my visually impaired cousin who uses his camera to see the world and create outstanding photos. Many talented teachers/mentors, photo buddies and friends who have crossed my path have been instrumental in my journey. Photography teaches me to see the world differently, recognizing beauty everywhere. My hometown Calgary, Alberta Canada, is surrounded by incredible mountains, prairies, wildlife and night skies, a wonderful canvas to explore. Whether capturing images at home or on my travels to faraway places, the beauty in this world amazes me. My hope is that you experience the same sense of awe and wonder that I felt when capturing these images. Please enjoy. 
Thanks for dropping by. 
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